Jeff Mills on the 909

I come back to this video all the time. It’s not just the proficiency, it’s the way playing something technological, programmable, as a live instrument leads to these beautiful hand movements, a sense of pure flow and intuition. My brother in law first showed me this video. He said Jeff Mills live sets were some […]

Sad Diplomats

A poster i made to be in the exhibition Ubiquitous no.14 at Tube Gallery in Palma, Mallorca, curated by Elaine Tam

I think about this music video all the time. It made me want to learn cgi to make wild videos where anything can happen. I have no idea what they are rapping about, song is alright though.

Sebald Sandwich

This photo might not seem like much, it’s from 2012, but I think it was one of the turning points where, having almost given up on the idea of being an artist after university, I made something, just for myself, that really entertained me. I shot everything back then on a Fuji 645 medium-format camera, […]

Some Blender noodling

Been playing around with these quick vignettes, trying to work out depth of field. I used a figure from Blendswap, just did a cloth simulation on the cape, and an emitter emitting bottles. About four area lights, and I set the ‘Euro Camping’ image as the emission colour in the material shader to turn it […]


I thought I’d have more time to write and get this blog going before I left for a short holiday, but I didn’t, and now I’m in the Alps. If you are reading this, I’m sorry this blog is so far quite disappointing. I had high hopes of writing long form essays, let’s see where […]

It’s kinda late. I’ve been thinking about Leonard Cohen again, man I love his stuff. Is it something about the music you listen to when you are a late teen? That it really sticks with you? I used to have a CD player that fitted into my coat pocket, I got the coat from an […]