Must Everything Go?

Must Everything Go?

An exhibition by Jack Burton for Cunst-link at:

Rue Adolphe Max 6, Brussels

When I see shops in the high street with signs that say “EVERYTHING MUST GO!”, I like to take them literally, almost on a philosophical level, and reply to them in turn with my own question: “must everything go?” 

This exhibition takes place in such a shop, and this dialogue between myself and the remnants of a business in liquidation is the basis of the work.

The show consists of a sound piece, four visual works, and a window display, all ruminating on the pact we make with capitalism every day, willingly or not.

The audio work occupies itself with the loss of the commons, how the immaterial world is being commodified, and what Britney Spears had to tell a twelve year old Jack Burton in her 2000 song ‘Lucky’.

The visual works borrow the aesthetics of highstreet signage, something that has long inspired my work, and develop complementary themes to the audio work, such as the death of old technology, the accumulation of junk as we move into an ever more digital and broadcasted world, and what the dark web, society’s shadow online, has to show us.

The show opens on Wednesday the 7th of September, 5-9pm

It will be open from the Thursday to Sunday of Brussels Gallery Weekend (8th – 11th), from 2- 6pm

Then on Saturdays and Sundays, 2-6pm, and by appointment, until the 25th of September.

With thanks to Giulia Blasig (Cunst-link), Clémence Bellisson (Brussels Gallery Weekend), Aisha Christison (ideas), Boris Steiner (production & install), Uncharted Brew Co. (beer) and the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (funding)