Ubiquitous no.14

Tube Gallery is opening its second exhibition on the 26th of September 

This group exhibition is titled: Ubiquitous no.14 and has been curated by Elaine Tam 

Ubiquitous no.14 derives its title from Michael Thonet’s bentwood No.14 Cafe Chair (1859), a revolution in design and one of the first instances of furniture disassembly for economic packing.

Participating Artists:

Nancy Allen, Ed Atkins, Corey Bartle Sanderson, Jack Burton, Richard Dean Hughes, Jason Dodge, Phillip Lai, Perce Jerrom, Amba Sayal-Bennett, Victor Seaward, Magali Reus, Kialy Tihngang, Nikhil Vettukattil, Matthew Verdon, Anna Gonzalez-Noguchi, Ben Westoby, Rafal Zajko