Music For An Exhibition Volume 1

At The Gimp, Berlin, October 7th – 23rd.

Exhibition text:

<This show started with me thinking about how a soundtrack could force a narrative onto an exhibition, and then I started thinking about how I listen to many composed soundtracks for films I’ve never seen. And then I thought wow isn’t that great? There’s probably loads of soundtracks that are more famous than the film they came from.

So I decided to make my own album of music that narrates an exhibition, and then I would make a show for the music. And I called it Music For An Exhibition Volume 1 because I am going to make more of them, and make them in collaboration with other people.

This exhibition you are standing in consists of an album of music that narrates one artist’s experience of their own exhibition. That artist is me. There are seven works on aluminium the same size as twelve inch records. Think of these as potential album covers. There are two paintings in the show. One informs you of the tracklist, the other has a t- shirt stretched over it. The general installation is to create a good listening environment. Please feel free to skip through and select songs on the cd player.>

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