Music For An Exhibition Volume 1

The Gimp, Berlin, opening 0ctober 7th

Wilhelm-Kabus-Str. 28, haus 3.3

From The Gimp:

Dear friends & colleagues!

On October 7 we will open our exhibition with Jack Burton from Brussels. In his installation, Burton will explore the relationship between sound and visual impression. Anyone who has ever seen a movie with the audio turned off knows what a difference sound can have on the experience of images. A love scene can suddenly become banal, an action sequence ridiculous. So what, Burton wonders, would happen if an ordinary art exhibition were set to a snappy soundtrack. – “It’s going to be a heady mix of moody walking bass lines, a dash of piano, vapor wave remixes, techno, guest appearances, and maybe you’ll even hear me singing.” (JB)

The exhibition will open at 5 pm.

We are looking forward to seeing you all! 


Friedrich Herz &  

Clemens Espenlaub

For any other enquiries, please get in touch at jack at